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Professional Water Fountain Installation & Repair Service

The mesmerizing sights and soothing sounds of moving water enhances any landscape. At J&R Green Landscape, we hand-craft breathtaking custom water features and fountains allowing homeowners to enjoy these relaxing benefits. From compact patio fountains to multi-tier backyard rock waterfalls, our technicians tackle projects large and small. We handle everything from initial consultations about themes and placement to carving catch basins, concealing plumbing, and configuring recirculating pumps so the fountain performs perfectly for years with minimal maintenance. Let us actualize your own sylvan paradise highlighted by the peaceful presence of water.

Professional Water Fountains and installation Service

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Benefits of Installing Water Fountains

Tranquil Ambience

The comforting trickling immediately reduces stress while distracting from urban noise pollution anxiously.

Vibrant Ecosystem

Frolicking streams and mist attract birds, butterflies and beneficial insects that control pests naturally.

Soothing Backdrops

Waterfalls or arched flows Encourage meditation while enhancing the landscape’svisual finesse.

Custom Architecture

We construct basins, carved rock formations and winding falls matching unique visions.

Cost Efficiency

Fountains recirculate existing landscape pond reservoirs or rain barrel water supplies rather than demanding extensive plumbing.

Fountain Types Installed

Deck/Patio Fountains

Self-contained pot fountains with circulating pumps are perfect for infusing calming ambience onto cozy garden seating alcoves or small porches.

Pondless Waterfalls

Landscape showpieces featuyring dramatic sheer descents and crashing pools hidden underground, exposed emerging stone faces disguise basin mechanics.

Garden Rock Falls

Custom stacked stone rills send glittering sheets flowing gently overinventive angles and branching runnels through vivid gardens.

Recirculating Streambeds

Meandering pebblebottomed mineral stone creekways babble animatedly through woods and meadows.

Dancing Jet Fountains

Opulent tiered basin centerpieces with soaring geysers choreographed daringly to music via LED illumination.

Pet Fountains

Reserved corner basins offer fresh hydration for pets while injecting the carefree spirit of moving water into spaces pets frequent.

Complete Installation Process

Bringing imaginative water features from concept to concrete reality involves multiple construction disciplines. Our crew handles the entire fountain creation process start to finish:

Collaborative Design Steps

We assess intended location aesthetics, determine drainage solutions, sketch initial plans and refine details until reaching the agreed artistic vision.

Excavation & Layout

Our staff and trusted excavator partners carve catchment hollows, contour supportive berms and streamways before intensive landscaping commences.

Stonework & Shaping

Artisan masons hand-select gorgeous formations for waterfall facades and decorative rockery, sculpting myriad stone textures for organic cohesion.

Pump & Plumbing

Industrial pond pumps are situated strategically to power hydraulic flows and effects reliably behind the scenes while concealing integral filtration equipment.

Ecosystem Integration

Plants suited to soggy environs are incorporated alongside water features to complete living fountain arrangements symbiotically.

Finishing Accents Possible

Custom lighting, glass/crystal infills, themed ornamentation and poured surfacing make stunning enhancements.

Why Choose J&R Green Landscape

When evaluating fountain designers and installers, renowned expertise makes all the difference for success. Selecting J&R Green Landscape gives you:

Industry Veterans

Over 20 years actively improving regional spaces with one-of-a-kind water features has honed our best practices tremendously.

Jack of All Trades Mastery

Our landscapers team up with stone artists, carpenters and electricians fully equipped to handle multifaceted builds.

Specialty Excavation Partners

Trusted relationships with grading outfits allow large excavations and earthworks beyond typical landscaping means.

EcoAquascape Certification

Advanced accredited training for building ecologically symbiotic water features prevents wildlife hazards and runoff issues.

Design-Build Methodology

We continuously refine concepts during construction until constructs match originally envisioned aesthetics through completion.

Creativity First, Engineering Second

Artistic visions dictate form then function follows suit by concealing and adapting essential infrastructure successfully to power dazzling hydraulics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sun patterns, seating views, existing vegetation, and sufficient electrical access for pumps all weigh heavily on ideal positioning.

When installed properly, fountains run reliably for years with minimal care aside from occasional debris cleaning or pump inspections.

Ensuring crack-proof basin materials, draining/depressurizing lines, removing pump motors, and blow-drying conduits prevents cold climate freeze damage.

Strategic overflow outflow structures continuously feed ponds to maintain ideal capacity for sustainable circulation.

We utilize stone, concrete, tile, non-porous composites, glass and shellstone depending on individual feature purposes with durability and aesthetics in mind.