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Adding a tree or several trees to your landscape delivers unmatched aesthetic rewards in addition to practical benefits. At J&R Green Landscape, our arbor experts handle the entire tree planting process so all you enjoy is the positive impact. From suggesting perfect species to transporting mature trees and digging proper holes for seamless transplantation, we’ve got it covered. Our specialists also provide year-round tree care to help them continue thriving beautifully on your property for decades to come.

Tree Planting Service

Benefits of Tree Planting

Curb Appeal

Large shade trees instantly upgrade aesthetics with striking height, branching and seasonal interest like flowers or fall colors.

Property Value Boost

Healthy mature trees can add 10-20% to home prices by enhancing buyers’ desire for move-in ready landscaping.

Energy Savings

Deciduous trees placed correctly cut cooling costs in warm months when leafy while allowing winter sun heat gain once bare.

Air Quality Improvement

Leaf transpiration plus carbon and pollution absorption makes trees “natural air filters” for cleaner air.

Noise Reduction

Foliage baffles sound waves decreasing loud roadway noises or privacy concerns.

Ecosystem Support

Trees attract beneficial wildlife like songbirds and pollinating insects with shelter plus nesting and food sources.

Tree Planting Process

Successfully transplanting trees into optimal growing conditions requires skill. Our certified arborists adhere to strict protocol:

Selection & Inspection

Choosing trees suited to the growing zone plus your aesthetic and functional desires is paramount. We hand select specimens showing superb health and form.


New trees arrive carefully wrapped and kept moist. Quick, proper replanting prevents stressful downtime from temporary storage.

Hole Preparation

We dig adequate holes 2-3x width of root balls before loosening subsoil walls for easier outward root expansion.

Level Setting

Trees should stand perpendicular from insertion point onward, so we ensure straight orientation.

Backfill & Watering

Topsoil improves drainage and nutrition levels in the transplant zone while gentle watering settles soil evenly around tender new roots.


New trees need temporary staking or optional guying to establish anchorage protection from wind sway as they adjust.

Mulch Ring

We apply premium organic mulch in a ring around newly planted trees to maintain moisture while deterring lawn mower and string trimmer damage.

Why J&R Green Landscape?

With intricate tree planting and multi-year maintenance, specialized expertise makes ALL the difference.

Qualified Arborists

Our ISA certified arborists respect science-based best practices for improving transplantation success and longevity.

Regional Familiarity

Native species thrive better so we stick to zone-appropriate selections suitable for local conditions.

Efficiency at Scale

Routinely installing trees translates to volume equipment discounts passed onto clients.

Ongoing Care

We help protect newly planted trees until fully established and offer continual maintenance or treatment down the road as issues arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early spring before growing season allows roots to establish well before summer heat arrives. Fall options also possible.

Most specimens show noticeable size within 5 years. But substantial maturity can take a decade or longer for mighty oak species, for example.

Depending on trunk thickness and canopy density, smaller trees usually require temporary staking that we remove once anchored independently.

We often mix compost/manure into backfill dirt for nutrition. Mycorrhizae fungi or starter fertilizer kickstarts root growth additionally.

Ensure deep watering 2-3 times per week for the first season while avoiding puddles. Significantly taper down watering duration as extensive roots develop.