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Professional Lawn Care Services

Does your lawn look tired, patchy and full of weeds? At J&R Green Landscape, we specialize in complete lawn care utilizing advanced techniques to nurture thick, lush, emerald green grass. Our comprehensive services begin with a thorough analysis of your lawn’s soil, species mix, and unique growing requirements. We then customize an integrated pest management regimen combining scientific best practices such as soil amendment, proper mowing, aerating, dethatching and expert disease diagnosis for stronger root systems and accelerated growth cycles. From soil supplements to seed selection and everything between, our treatments strengthen the health and vitality of your lawn for lasting beauty. Discover why both homeowners and commercial properties continue choosing J&R Green Landscape year after year for healthier grass and a picture-perfect landscape.

Professional Lawn Care Service

Core Lawn Care Services

Our full-service program includes these essential treatments:

Soil Testing & Amendment

We utilize professional lab analysis to identify pH, nutrients and microbial balance needs before selecting customized soil conditioners to correct deficiencies promoting strong roots.

Seeding & Sodding

We offer premium sod rolls and seed mixes ideal for this region’s climate delivering lush even coverage, rapid germination and exceptional wear tolerance.

Mowing & Edging

Proper mowing height and frequency prevents shock and maintains desired density. Our precision edging keeps borders crisp.


Annual core aeration relieves soil compaction allowing roots to spread while increasing water, nutrient and oxygen circulation.


Thatch buildup stunts growth and harbors pests so we mechanically remove debris improving drainage and sunlight absorption.


Determining ideal organic and synthetic formulas based on season, species and soil needs fuels strong biological performance tailored to each lawn.

Weed & Pest Control

Selective herbicides plus integrated pest management keeps landscapes vibrant and healthy with less chemicals compared to over-the-counter products.

Enhanced Care Options

Natural & Organic Packages

For clients preferring environmentally responsible lawn care, we customize all-natural biologic treatments, fertilizers and organic compost applications.

Seasonal Maintenance

Take advantage of special winter upgrades and summer stress prevention care ensuring great color, and lush density across demanding seasons.

Lawn Renovation

Partial or full lawn rehabilitation services reinstate struggling lawns to their former glory through corrective soil enhancement, drainage improvements, resodding and/or strategic reseeding.

Landscape Accent Lighting

Enhance curb appeal and extend enjoyment into evenings with creative accent and ambient lawn lighting. Upgrades like moonlighting tied to automated timers activate automatically at dusk.

Decorative Lawns

Take your grass beyond basics with stunning additions like stone/paver walking paths, ornamental borders, water features, landscape contours, colourful annual flowers scattered throughout the turf and more!

The Science Behind Natural Lawn Care

While amateur weekend gardeners rely on generalities and simplistic internet advice, J&R Green Landscape leverages scientific diagnostic processes assessing each unique property for tailored solutions. We evaluate:

Species Composition

Over 300 varieties of sod and seed mixes exist, each with different aesthetic, functional and climate appropriateness. We select durable, lush options suited to conditions.

Soil Structure

Physical soil characteristics like tilth, density, drainage, pH, salinity and nutrient ratios fundamentally dictate any vegetation’s performance and deserve expert adjustment.

Sun Exposure & Climate

Environmental stressors require fitting turfgrass types that tolerate heat, drought, cold, pests and wear reasonably well in a given microclimate zone.

Intended Usage

Occasional picnic lounging, pets running, sports games and children playing all impact durability necessities factored during grass recommendations.

Why Choose J&R Green Landscape?

Local Industry Leader

Family-owned since 2001, our regional success over decades and thousands of clients stems from community word-of-mouth praise.

Passionate Experts

Our Horticulture-accredited technicians view each property through scientific lenses beyond amateur aesthetics ensuring healthier grass sustainably.

Boutique Service

As a local company, we provide personalized attention to clients lacking with huge impersonal nationwide chains.


We believe healthier landscapes start from the soil up by nurturing microbiology and natural cycles avoiding overused chemicals.

Continual Support

Our optional Lawn Care Maintenance Programs ensure lasting success safeguarding investments through unlimited weather-related repairs and seasonal reinforcing care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally every 5-7 days for average mixed-use lawns, lowering heights gradually into winter and increasing in early spring. We tailor mow schedules around growth rates.

The most important fertilizations strengthen root development in early spring and fuel cold tolerance in early fall. Summer applications prove less effective overall in hot climates.

Average neighborhood lawn care package pricing falls approximately between $100-200 monthly depending vastly on square footage plus enhancement options chosen.

Excess humidity, overwatering and dense shade invite fungal infestations remedied through airflow improvements paired with selective fungicide applications.

For typical home lawns, technicians recommend thorough core aerating every 12-18 months to continually relieve compacted soils stunting deep rooting.