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Professional Gates & Fences Installation & Repair Service

Whether constructing new fences and gates to establish privacy or replacing dilapidated boundaries beyond DIY repair, J&R Green Landscape offers complete installation and restoration services. For over 20 years nationally recognized fence building technicians have actualized stunning enclosures securing properties while elevating aesthetic depth dramatically. From classic cedar pickets to ornate iron and aluminum designs, we construct durable perimeter statements tailored to personal sanctuary visions while handling permitting professionally. Discover why prestigious neighborhood committees repeatedly trust only J&R Green Landscape’s mastery creating focal entryways beckoning visitors with custom gates opening to find meticulously built fences beyond as far as the eye follows.

Professional Gates & Fences Installation & Repair Service

Other services include


Vinyl Fence installation

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Redwood Fence Construction


Glass Railing


Vinyl Fence Construction


Horizontal Fence

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Fence Construction

Benefits of Quality Fences & Gates

Cultivated Privacy

Mixed height opacities foster seclusion or open visibility balancing exposures gracefully.

Children/Pet Protection

Physical oversight barriers safeguard wandering escapees of all species young and old.

Pool Code Compliance

Satisfy regulations mandating access prevention for enhanced swim safety assurance.

Unit Differentiation

Distinctive side walls distinguish townhomes/condos functionally and aesthetically from neighbors

Property Value Boost

Attractive fortification elements highlight territorial prominence demanding higher sale prices perceptibly.

Damage & Intruder Prevention

Gates with electronic access control plus daunting spiked crowning dissuade surface vandals and thieves probing for vulnerabilities.

Fence & Gate Materials We Build With


Natural rugged cedar planks with customizable privacy gaps or solid patterns; choose mix & match stain hues


PVC/polymers mimicking wood grain minus maintenance needs; lighter weight sections simplify DIY repairs


Durable lightweight metal frames as classic black elegant view fences or modernist gold deer fences


Resilient galvanized metals form formidable protective barriers high security demands in varied opacities

Ornamental Iron

Intricate custom wrought iron designs spellbind guests with elaborate artistry and formidable presence

Weathering Steel

Iconic rustic russet patina corten steel meshes modern durability with timeless frontier rusticism


Plastic/concrete blends shaped resembling wood minus insects/rot but associated temperature flexibility


Custom natural stones like slate or quartzite; affords seamless integration along retaining walls

Live Hedges

Lush evergreen shrubs planted at perimeter continuously thickening into towering opaque organic fences

Professional Installation Process

Proper fence and gate installation sequencing prevents delays and durability issues:

Site Evaluation

Measure straight sequence and corner lengths while noting obstructions needing special accommodation during fabrication.

Material Selection

Choose fence styles and component sizes based on privacy needs, styles blending best aesthetically plus homeowner budget limitations.

City Permit Preparations

Provide required diagrams detailing intended boundary marker locations, heights and footings on property surveys for municipal stamp approval.

Terrain Preparation

Mow existing grasses low and relocate sprinklers or yard decor away from construction zones keeping sod damage minimal.

Post Hole Excavation

Mark pilings coordinates before digging adequate frames for anchoring securely at standard spacing intervals or customized as designs dictate.

Fence Section Assembly

Assemble modular fencing rolls offsite for efficiency then haul tailored panels matching site dimensions to residence for fitting.

Gate Building & Hanging

Craft distinctive gates from scratch including decorative metalwork matching fences before fitting on robust gateposts with durable hardware.

Final Grading & Landscaping

Garden beds damaged temporarily by the rigorous installation process get restored fully with fresh mulch and flowering accents

Why Hire J&R Green Landscape?

Industry Authority Status

Founded locally in 2001, our regional industry prominence and expertise makes J&R Green Landscape second to none.

Master Class Craftsmanship

Intricate old world masonry techniques passed down through generations beget remarkable stone and forged metal gates plus fences emulating luxury estates of eras past.

Effortless Process

Subcontracting, permits, sourcing exotics, deliveries and final landscaping gets handled turnkey so clients need only share aesthetic visions and relax enjoying the views.

Unwavering Commitment

Gates sagging or paint chipping? We support successful fences and gates for life with maintenance repairs, refinishing and guaranteed workmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fence boundaries for average yards usually finish within 3-5 business days depending on terrain challenges while gates alone may wrap in 1-2 days.

48-60” barriers are mandated by health departments so we recommend 56” pickets given children often breach exactly 48”.

Expect a fresh protective stain coat around once per 3 years. We also tighten/replace damaged pickets after extreme weather annually.

Skilled welding using similar metal rods is customary, but specialty composites like Armortec provide realistic embossed woodgrain appearances convincingly.

Municipalities mandate diagrams ensuring boundary markers meet transit visibility codes for corner lots and street setback minimum distances before greenlighting projects.