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Tired of constant mowing, watering, and fertilizing to keep a green lawn? J&R Green Landscape offers natural-looking artificial grass installation that saves time and money while providing perfect year-round curb appeal. From petite patios to sprawling lawns, our faux turf mimics lush grass without costly maintenance. We handle the entire process from site prep to precision cutting and seamlessly seaming synthetic turf fabricated from eco-friendly polymers and recycled materials. With proper care, your durable no-mow lawn will retain its welcoming beauty for over a decade. Give us a call to transform your outdoor space with ultra-realistic artificial grass!

Artificial Grass Installation Service

Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation

No Mowing or Watering

Avoid weekly chores while conserving water usage at the same time. Artificial turf stays perpetually green without a sprinkler.

Withstands Activity

Durable synthetic materials hold up to busy households with kids and pets running around.

All-Weather Performance

Look great regardless of rain, heat, frost or drought. No winter browning either!

No Fertilizers or Pesticides

Pet/family-safe while eliminating chemical usage that pollutes groundwater.


Choose blade height, thatch, infill and more to suit preferences.


Once installed properly, it’s the easiest, lowest maintenance lawn possible!

Artificial Grass Options

With advancements in materials and manufacturing, today’s faux lawns feel and function remarkably close to the real thing. We offer the following category choices:

Landscape Turf

Our lush broad-bladed landscape grass is ideal for full-scale lawns. With integrated drainage backing and antimicrobial protection, it performs beautifully for homes.

Pet Turf

Pet-friendly synthetic grass designed to handle urine, digging paws, waste clean-up and high traffic from our furry friends. Great for dog runs.

Playground Turf

Soft synthetic turf with extra fall-safety cushioning making it perfect for playgrounds, nurseries and schools seeking durable, non-toxic fields.

Golf & Sports Turf

Artificial grass engineered to excel under swinging clubs or cleats. From chipping greens to at-home driving ranges, we have solutions.

Roof & Balcony Turf

Lightweight faux turf appropriate for second story patios, balconies, rooftop applications and more, often with integrated drainage.

Artificial Grass Installation Process

Executing a seamless artificial turf installation requires careful planning and precision. Our comprehensive process includes:

Site Evaluation

We assess the existing landscape, measuring dimensions while checking for problem areas needing extra preparation. This allows us to calculate materials needed and site feasibility.

Surface Prep

Proper base preparation sets the stage for success. We remove old grass/plants, grade and level the area, compress soils and install porous aggregate drainage where required before compacting and smoothing.

Trimming & Layout

Your selected artificial turf arrives in 15 foot wide rolls that we strategically measure and cut to fit the specific contours and shape of your space.

Seaming & Securing

Adjacent strips are pulled tight then bonded together with specialty tape and glue to form a single, continuous surface. Additional infill stabilization may be secured to the perimeter edges.

Infill Application

To complete the natural turf aesthetic, we apply layers of infill material consisting of sand/rubber granules while brushing to stand up the blades. The result is stunning artificial grass that appears wonderfully authentic, ready to handle activity without ongoing work. We can also devise creative shapes, custom features and additions to take your new ‘lawn’ to the next level.

Why Choose J&R Green Landscape

With so many fly-by-night artificial grass installers to choose from, experience and expertise makes all the difference.

23 Years Installing Experience

With thousands of successful local artificial lawn projects completed over decades, we know all the best and newest products, essential techniques and potential pitfalls.

One Company, Start-to-Finish

We handle the entire process without outsourcing so you have one point of contact from recommendations and quotes to the finishing touches.

Flawless Execution

Meticulous prep work, precision cutting, tight hidden seams, ample drainage and perfect infill levels are hallmarks of our 5 star installations.

Realistic Results

The stunning network of lush grass J&R delivers looks eerily real…but performs even better by negating maintenance woes!


Today is the day that you begin your landscape transformation. For more information about artificial grass for residential installation, contact J&R Green Landscape to schedule your FREE consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical project duration is 1-3 days depending on size, access and base work needed. We schedule efficiently to minimize landscape disruption.

The area must be leveled, compressed and cleared of old lawn/plants. Porous aggregate is added for drainage before final compacting.

We can reconfigure or cap off old irrigation components no longer needed and offer new water-saving drip add-ons if desired.

Yes, when using non-toxic materials like our pet turf made for dogs. Proper drainage prevents odors and antimicrobials stop bacteria buildup.

Our synthetic lawns are designed to diffuse and reflect sunlight, avoiding excessive heat buildup. Plus infill creates insulation.