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Professional Flagstone Side Walls Service

Natural stacked stone side walls introduce eye-catching earthy textures that elegantly complement gardens, patios, walkways and home architecture. At J&R Green Landscape, our expert masons have constructed thousands of flagstone retaining and decorative walls across the region utilizing regional stones and thoughtful staining options sure to accent your property beautifully. Whether building structural landscape barriers, stair railings, firepit surrounds or standalone landscape features, our meticulously hand-fitted flagstone side walls redefine outdoor spaces gorgeously and affordably.

Professional Flagstone Side Walls Service

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Benefits of Flagstone Side Walls

Visual Interest

Variegated colors, dynamic shapes and layered contours catch the eye dramatically compared to mundane wooden or concrete walls.

Longevity & Resilience

Properly installed natural dry flagstone stacks withstand decades of rainfall, frost and soil pressures without disintegration or discoloration.


Non-mortared, porous flagstone construction deters weed intrusion while allowing moisture evaporation and drainage unlike masonry, needing little upkeep.


We’re happy to assist completing projects fully but short-session demonstrations teach basic techniques manageable if keen homeowners wish to do final aesthetic stages independently.


Freeform flagstones suit straight-line geometric arrangements or snaking organic borders with equal grace.retry

Flagstone Wall Types We Construct

Landscape Retaining Walls

Hold sloping soil securely in place integrating beautiful step-down flagstone staircases on inclines.

Backyard Firepit Surrounds

Encircle custom firepit hollows safely with concentric rings of locally-quarried thermal flagstones.

Patio Privacy Borders

Cordon-off outdoor living areas using stacked ledgestones for intimate gathering spaces amidst gardens.

Decorative Garden Beds

Edge planting zones with short flagstone borders as an alternative to wooden planks for blossoming visual flair.

Accent Focal Points

Standalone asymmetrical mini-walls make stunning landscape centerpieces and divide open lawns gracefully.

Flagstone Sourcing & Varieties

J&R Green Landscape proudly utilizes flagstones quarried locally within the state that exhibit charming color variations inherent to regional geologies. Sedimentary rocks we use include:


Slate-blue quartzite sandstone featuring wavy banding with silver highlights quarried largely near Lake Erie.


Fawn beiges and golden earth tones swirl delicately in this extremely common native stone around Ohio highlighted by druzy quartz crystal clusters.


Fossiliferous creamy buff limestones exhibiting dark Gray chert nodules give Midwestern allure originating largely from Indiana and Illinois mines.


Metamorphized pure golden quartzite stones presenting flaky layers, undulating texture and translucent sheens are sourced ultimately near the Upper Peninsula.

Flagstone Wall Construction Process

Proper planning and preparation begets tidy, structurally-sound Flagstone side walls able to gracefully persist outdoors indefinitely. Our stonemasons execute meticulously:

Concept Finalization

Choose perfect lengths, heights and stone types for your application based on intended purpose, location context and aesthetic tastes.

Foundation & Footing

Compact subsurface soils before introducing structured footing frameworks on which initial uniform wall tiers are laid evenly to flow upwards truly plumb.

Stone Selection

Handpick palette batches of thin veneer flagstones exhibiting harmonious textures and beguiling variegation to splice together like puzzles falling into place.

Initial Bottom Layers

Heaviest basal stones are arranged first according to pattern plans with prominence given to interlocking points and loadbearing facets.

Middle Layers Filling

Progressively smaller flagstone pieces are jigsawed into gaps wedging previously-set bordering stones tighter with solid contacts and pressure points to brace mutually.

Top Finishing Rows

The crown rows tying disparate underlying tiers into unified walls receive our keenest attention, knitting seams fluidly with artful stone placements that dazzle.

Expansion Gap Allowance

Narrow spaces left periodically from ends and between immense stones facilitate minute geological shifts andprevent buckling from natural temperature fluctuations.

Staining/Sealing (Optional)

Translucent exogenous pigmented lacquers or colorless sealants infuse richer saturation or protect native patinas from weathering upon request.

Why J&R Green Landscape?

Pavers attempting DIY typically underprice required brawn and craftsmanship drastically. Choosing J&R Green Landscape ensures:

Masonry Masters

Our guild of professional stoneworkers apply decades of experience daily alongside seasoned landscapers forming a dream team equipped to handle residential builds at volume.

Heavy Machinery Access

Strategic coordination with excavation companies provides grading/leveling equipment for extensive groundworks beyond what typical landscapers can muster internally.

Stone Source Savings

Premier builder buying power earns us discount Flagstone pricing from regional quarries passed onto customers directly.

Customer Service

Open 7 days a week because landscape needs never rest! We remain on-call outside standard hours for emergency wall repairs or modifications as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Little – just occasional WEEDING between stones or pushing protruding rocks back flush if jostled over seasons.

Properly constructed walls stand 50 years easily. We still see century-old examples enduring around the region!

Compacted soil, gravel or poured footingsprevent settling and reinforcement frames add stability on angles.

Yes! Multi-tiered retaining walls with drainage gravel backfilling stabilize moderate slopes up to 30 degree angles.

Thoughtful stacked stonework with interlocked irregular shapes and load-bearing contact points prevents sliding or detached layers.