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Professional Irrigation System Installation Service

Does your lawn and garden rely on inefficient, outdated manual watering methods? Modern automatic irrigation systems conserve water while keeping landscapes lush and healthy with no effort. J&R Green Landscape offers expert irrigation design plus prompt professional installation and maintenance for residential and commercial settings alike. We customize water-saving sprinkler and drip components to provide optimized coverage without any dry spots or overwatering. With programmable schedulers, automatic weather adjustments, and advanced control features, next-generation irrigation technology cuts workload drastically while achieving better results. Discover the ease of setting it and forgetting it when it comes to hydrating your greenery this season!

Irrigation System Installation Service in Sanjose

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Rain barrel installation

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Backflow preventers

Irrigation Valves

Drip system installation & repair



Water use consultation

Water pressure regulation

Benefits of Proper Irrigation System

Saves Time

No more standing outside with a hose in hand! Programmable schedules make watering hands-free.

Conserves Water

Precision application puts just enough moisture where plants need it, avoiding waste.

Promotes Growth

Proper hydration ensures plants, trees and grass thrive beautifully.

Adapts to Weather

Smart controllers automatically adjust duration and timing based on conditions.

Increases Curb Appeal

Lush landscapes impress buyers and lift property valuations considerably.

Design & Installation Process

Taking a landscapes unique specifications into account, we tailor watering systems for precision:

Site Analysis

Measure property dimensions, catalog planting zones/vegetation and identify water sources plus existing components usable in new system.

Review Regulations

Adhere strictly to state codes and local jurisdiction statutes for backflow, trenching depths, permitted piping etc during design.

Custom Zone Mapping

Strategic zoning allows custom water volumes directed only where needed, preventing overwatering or under-watering issues later.

Head Layout

Optimal sprinkler head quantity, models, precipitation rates, positioning and adjustable arc patterns provide complete, even coverage.

Pipe Network Design

Mainline and lateral pipes are sized and situated to provide adequate water flow to all heads.

Wildlife & Obstacle Avoidance

Consider deer trails and play areas when locating piping to avoid damage underground post-bury.

Efficiency & Water Savings

Recommend gear like pressure regulation, smart timers and soil sensors to shrink consumption wherever practical.

Aesthetic Considerations

Place system components inconspicuously while avoiding sightline conflicts with landscape design features.

Smooth Installation

Whether installing a brand new system or revamping existing infrastructure, we take great care to minimize landscape disruption.

Why J&R Green Landscape?

Choosing the right irrigation company prevents headaches down the road. With nearly 23 years refinement, our customer-first service standards excel:

Industry Leading Materials

We only install equipment from thoroughly vetted, professional-grade manufacturers offering extended warranty policies. This prevents premature system failures.

Efficiency Expertise

State certified specialists optimize pressure, head spacing, zones and smart controls for maximum coverage using minimal water.

Meticulous Installation

Unlike sloppy weekend warriors, our staff neatly buries piping at ideal depths to avoid safety issues or damage while components sit evenly.

Seamless Integration

We design new systems to incorporate usable older infrastructure yet upgrade lacking links for holistic harmony site-wide.

Attentive Warranty Service

In the rare case that defects occur despite using premium gear, we promptly resolve any manufacturing issues for complete peace of mind.

Proactive Maintenance

When systems age beyond peak performance eventually, rely on J&R’s continual maintenance availability to restore them affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Allow roughly 3-10 business days depending on system scale. We schedule work crews efficiently with minimal landscape interference.

Annual spring start-up and winterization bookends key maintenance yearly. We also recommend professional full audits every 3 years.

Local frost line depth – 18+ inches for durability. Building codes mandate minimum and maximum burial standards we follow.

Quality components and proper installation means fewer repairs. But backups happen infrequently. We offer maintenance and repair packages for support.

Absolutely! Water savings from precision timing/zoning, automated weather adjustments and remote control tweaks add up dramatically.