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Sod Installation

Our professional sod installation will transform your property with a lush, verdant lawn that enhances curb appeal and usability. We expertly lay drought-resistant, durable sod suited to local climate that establishes quickly with our top-quality soil preparation. Unlike grass seed, our broad selection of premium sods allows you to enjoy a pristine, full lawn this season without the wait. With proper care, your new sod will develop deep roots and thick blades capable of handling activity from children and pets. And you can rely on our dedicated technicians to neatly edge, contour, and seamlessly join each roll for seamless visual flow. Choose J&R Green Landscape for efficient, affordable sod installation performed to the highest standards by experienced local pros. Call or click today for a free quote!


Artifical Grass Installation

J&R Green Landscape offers premium artificial grass installation that looks and feels delightfully realistic. Designed for beauty and performance, our faux turf stays lush and green year-round regardless of climate or maintenance. With no watering, mowing or fertilizing required, our synthetic lawns are a water-wise choice suitable even for drought-prone areas. Customization options including blade height, thatch layers, and infill materials allow us to tailor your artificial grass surface for pets, children, events or sport uses. Our skilled technicians prepare the site properly before precision-cutting and seamlessly seaming artificial turf fabricated from durable polymers safe for families and the planet. With proper care, you can enjoy your lush, verdant lawn for up to 15 years. Call J&R Green Landscape today to transform your property with maintenance-free synthetic grass installed to the highest standards!


Tree planting

J&R Green Landscape specializes in expert tree planting to enhance the beauty and value of your residential or commercial property. We begin by consulting with you to understand the look you want to achieve and conditions of your yard before recommending the ideal species, size, placement and planting time. With proper soil preparation, space planning, and advanced planting techniques perfected over 23 years, our arborists ensure a successful transplant and swift establishment of your new addition. We handle everything with care – digging the precise hole, setting the root ball at just the right depth, staking trunks, and watering for sustainability. With our reliable tree planting services, you can count on stunning spring blooms, abundant summer shade and breathtaking fall colors with the substance and sophistication mature trees provide. Reap the rewards for years to come with exceptional tree planting from J&R Green Landscape!


Irrigation system

We offers professional design and installation of water-efficient irrigation systems customized for your unique landscape. A perfectly tuned system saves you time hand-watering while conserving water by delivering just the right amount to plant roots. Our NICET-certified technicians will conduct a thorough site analysis to understand the needs of each plant, sunlight patterns, and soil composition before designing a system that provides complete coverage without overwatering. We choose components from leading brands and space high-quality sprinkler heads strategically for even distribution. Our auditing ensures the system operates precisely as intended with no leaks or wasted water. With programmable timers and automatic weather adjustment available, it’s never been easier to keep your landscape hydrated on a schedule. Invest in a custom irrigation system from J&R Green Landscape for lush, healthy plants with peace of mind.

Flagstone side walls

At J&R Green Landscape, we crafts gorgeous flagstone side walls that lend sophisticated structure to any landscape. Our expert masons have over 23 years experience selecting the ideal natural stone and designing walls specifically for each environment and purpose. We handle all aspects of installation including laying a stable foundation, leveling, properly incorporating drainage, mortaring, and sealing. Flagstone beautifully complements gardens and patios, provides seating, stabilizes slopes, and offers subtle lighting opportunities. With an array of stone types and sizes available, we can match existing hardscape or create stunning contrasts. Our properly engineered walls stand the test of time while enhancing safety and charm. For landscape side walls hand-built by master masons from quality local stone, choose J&R Green Landscape for craftsmanship backed by decades of expertise. Contact us for a customized quote today!

Water fountains

Transform your outdoor living space with the tranquil sounds of flowing water from an artfully designed fountain by J&R Green Landscape. More than just a water feature, each custom water fountain we hand-craft enhances aesthetics, provides ecosystem benefits, and creates a relaxing ambiance. Our expert team helps select the optimal fountain style and location to complement your landscape while taking great care to install durable pump systems that operate smoothly. Whether you prefer the gentle trickling of a stone fountain, the powerful streams of waterfall features, or the choreographed dances of timed jets, we deliver. Invite birds and butterflies in while muted babbling drowns out unwelcome noise. Illuminated fountains allow you to appreciate the tranquil sights and sounds day and night. As a full-scale landscaping company, we integrate water features seamlessly into the surrounding hardscape and plants for holistic appeal. Bring the essence of peace and tranquility home with a custom water fountain from J&R Green Landscape.

Gates & Fences

Invest in long-lasting security, privacy and visual appeal for your residential or commercial property with custom gates and fencing by J&R Green Landscape’s seasoned experts. We construct durable boundaries designed to harmonize flawlessly with the architecture and surroundings, or make an eye-catching style statement. With 23+ years of experience building fences and gates that stand the test of time, we handle every phase from permitting to project completion and concentrate on finely detailed work. Our extensive catalog of materials includes wood, ornamental metal, cable railings, masonry and more to match your vision. Inherently strong posts, precisely mixed concrete footings, plumb picket lines, and expert welding leave no weak spots. We customize gates with care to ensure easy operation, seamless function with security systems, and graceful alignment on opening and closing. Fortify form and function with fences and gates beautifully built by J&R Green Landscape’s devoted craftsmen.


Spreading mulch

Rejuvenate your landscape beds with fresh, finely textured mulch expertly applied by the pros at J&R Green Landscape. Allow our dedicated team to refresh your existing mulch or start anew by raking away debris, pruning clutter, cleaning edging, and cultivating soil before installation. We only source premium mulch varieties in your choice of fragrant cedar, eco-friendly pine straw or dyed/natural decorative wood chips perfect for contrast. Skilled J&R technicians calculate precisely how much mulch you need before spreading, mounding and hand-contouring with care around each plant, bush and tree. Proper mulch coverage insulates plant roots, prevents weeds, reduces erosion and conserves moisture so your shrubs, flowers and trees thrive with less watering. For landscape beds bursting with beauty thanks to a lush blanket of mulch and healthy plants underneath, trust the meticulous mulch installation and refreshing services from J&R Green Landscape.


Lawn care

J&R Green Landscape specializes in complete lawn care utilizing scientific techniques to cultivate thick, lush, emerald green grass. Our customized applications control weeds and destructive insects while providing perfectly balanced nutrition. We begin with soil analysis to identify deficiencies before selecting amendments specifically suited to improve your soil structure and fertility. Proper mowing, aerating, dethatching and expert disease diagnosis combine to strengthen root systems, prevent fungal infections and accelerate growth cycles. Trained technicians monitor moisture levels and supplement natural rainfall when necessary to maintain vital hydration during heat waves. Preventative pest control and selective herbicides keep landscapes vibrant and healthy using fewer chemicals. Finally we apply slow-release fertilizers to feed evenly for lasting color and immediacy. Trust 20+ years of turf-care experience – let J&R Green Landscape tailor an advanced lawn care regimen for strong, sustainable grass.


Landscape maintenence

Keep your residential or commercial landscape thriving with J&R Green Landscape’s complete maintenance packages personalized to meet seasonal needs. Our experienced horticulturists and dedicated crew tailor plans to the vegetation, climate and overall goals you want to achieve. Comprehensive care ensures flowering plants, shrubs and trees flourish with expert pruning, disease prevention, pest management and nourishment. We enhance hardscape features like patios, walkways and retaining walls by sealing cracks, power washing away grime and replacing weathered sections. You’ll enjoy reliable mowing, edging, blowing, raking and cleanup weekly or at optimal intervals with extras like mulch refreshing, fertilizer boosts and irrigation audits. Skip the hassle and tap over 20 years’ experience through J&R Green Landscape’s customizable landscape maintenance services for year-round curb appeal and plant health. Contact us for affordable packages created just for you by trusted local experts.


Tree Trimming

Trust your valuable trees only to the experienced arborists at J&R Green Landscape for artful trimming that protects tree health while enhancing beauty. Our ISA-certified team surveys needs branch-by-branch before strategic crown cleaning, thinning or reduction performed to industry standards. We know proper cuts at the right times encourage lush foliar growth and flowering or fruit production while preventing disease or decay. Essential structural pruning when trees are young shapes strong scaffold branching suited to maturity. For existing trees, we remove dead limbs and intersections that invite damage in storms thereby minimizing safety hazards. Yearly trimming maintains ideal canopy density for your trees’ specific species and purpose. Let the scientists from J&R Green Landscape handle this precision work so you can relax and enjoy the environmental benefits only thriving, well-managed trees can provide year after year.


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